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ETHICS & GENE EDITING PART1 (Theory) : 1 - 2 December 2020

Program Colloquium Curie

New training alert ! In the first week of December 2020, our ESRs will follow a series of NEUcrest special lectures.

Au menu :

  • CRISPR gene editing in various models, from human cell lines to animal models (theoretical chapter), organized by EXRC and KCL partners with the participation of Stemcell Tech and Erasmus MC;
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), by the BBMRI-ERIC Research Infrastructure
  • Research ethics and animal models, by NC3RS

As scientists, it is important that we keep ourselves updated on new technologies, while never loosing focus on core research values and good practices. This week will be the perfect way for us to develop all these skills ! Additionally, the ESRs will also participate to the Graduate course on development and cancer organized by our partners at Institut Curie and Université Paris Sud (Program), with a fair amount of neural cresty-lectures. Here’s to learning new things!

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