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First NEUcrest Network Meeting (NT1) : 12 - 14 October 2020

First Network Meeting

After multiple cancellations, changes, postponements and other "funny" challenges we are happy to announce the very first NEUcrest network meeting that will happen (yes, it will!) in mid-October 2020. Most of our activities will happen online, and among others we will deliver such blocks as:

  • Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP): Introduction and concept;
  • ESR committee and elections;
  • PhD induction session;
  • "Sciences & Arts" session;

Exciting scientific talks from Roch and Erasmus Medical Center. The expertise of each network partner will also be introduced to the young researchers. We will take advantage of the conjoined presence of all ESRs and PIs, to renew acquaintances and reinforce links in the network.
As a prior theoretical training, a series of online seminars by the Network PIs have been delivered to the ESRs during summer 2020. These include introductory courses in the field of Develpmental Biology and Stem Cells, as well as specific knowledge in the field of neural crest biology and disease, the neurocristopathies.

Download the NT1 Program