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Second NEUcrest Network Meeting (NT2) : 5 - 7 July 2021

Second Network Meeting

Taking into account an increasingly favorable epidemiological situation in France and in the UK, and other coinciding mobility of several network members the Network management has decided to hold this second consortium meeting in a semi-physical format: part of the project team will gather in Paris region, and other part will organize a small but warm reunion in the UK. Moreover, all participants will stay connected via online collaborative tools throughout the entire meeting duration.

Au menu :

  • Welcoming of the three external advisory board members: Prof. Mustafa Khokha (Yale School of Medicine), Prof. Filippo Rijli (Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research), Prof. Lukas Sommer (University of Zurich);
  • ESRs round table presentations according to the following themes: 1) Neural Crest (NC) Development, 2) NC-derived cancer and Adrenals, 3) Bioinformatics Strategies Applied to the NC diseases, 4) NC Cell Lines (iPS)
  • Follow-up of the three scientific work-packages of the Project

This second meeting will be animated and moderated by the fellows. The round table session will give them another opportunity to train professional presentation skills, define collaborative opportunities and new possible development paths in the frames of the global NEUcrest objectives. The scientific advisory board members will provide to the ESRs their feedback and suggestions for the 15 individual research projects and will provide independent advice of the general NEUcrest performance.

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