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Partner 10: Azelead, France

Name: Partner 10: Azelead, France

Address: 377 Rue du Professeur Blayac, 34080 Montpellier, France

Summary: AZELEAD is a French biotechnology company, established in France since 2014. The principal activities of the company are dedicated to medicine and toxicology applications. The research is focused on cancerology with the screening of anti-metastatic compounds and the analysis and diagnosis of metastatic process. In parallel, toxicity tests have been developed to detect the earliest toxic effects of candidate molecules.

Neural crest and Metastasis process: Dr. Laura Fontenille and Karima Kissa are the principle contributing researchers from Partner 10. Azelead will be hosting the young researcher ESR15, who will be focusing on neural crest implication in tumour innervation. The role of Azelead team is to explore the impact of sympathetic innervation on melanoma initiation and migration using high content imaging in transparent zebrafish using Azelead’s cutting-edge technology in 4D and high resolution imaging.

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